17 July 2012

Sgt Nick Penis & the Brassball Battalion

Memory is a funny thing. I was positive Sgt. Nick was shaving in the latrine...

But 34 years is a long time. A 1978 National Lampoon spoof of Sgt. Rock, 'Sgt. Nick Penis', was a gargantuan hit in my unit at Ft. Bragg. It would be quoted frequently until my ETS in 1980.

There was an artist in the barracks and he tried to do a poster of the panel above. It came off badly.

I was positive this reference to size was done in the first panel...which I thought was in the latrine, where Nick is shaving with a bayonet... still attached to his M-1.

Memory is a funny thing, but it's hard to forget, "They're good boys, but they still measure in inches."

The hard hitting ,"Hard-Ons for Hitler" concludes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

An acquired taste, to be sure.

According to lore, one of the cold war CIA propaganda plots involved dropping extra large condoms, labeled "medium" in English, over Russia so as to give the men there an inferiority complex.


NCJack said...

I think this is an application of "Rule 34": If it exists, somebody made porn out of it.

Family Man said...

I once owned that issue of National Lampoon. Purchased it myself, new, while a middle-school student.

Can't see Sgt. Penis getting published today.


Cold is the Sea said...

Ha. WOW. Never seen that one. That's a spoof of "Sgt. (Nick) Fury (played recently by Samuel Jackson in The Avengers) and his Howling Commandos"- Sgt. Rock had "Easy" Company- which also would've lent itself to a good spoof... Love your site.