27 July 2012

Cary Grant's Boxers


I remember this film as a kid. I had an instant liking of the Jim Hutton character. It hasn't held up all that well but it's humble and the writing's smart. Using the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics as a back drop, it turned out to be Cary Grant's last picture. If Ryan Seacrest bugs the shit out of you..."Walk, Don't Run" is testament to a time when talent came before celebrity.


Julia said...

I think I'm going to like this movie. Like a lot of trad movies, I'll have to drag it in through interlibrary loan. (Hard for some, easy for me.) Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies, Tintin.

tintin said...

Can't beat interlibrary loan with a stick. Can't beat this movie either.

Mateo said...

I first saw "Walk Don't Run" on AFN in Bremerhaven back around '91. I saw a lot of stuff on AFN that I never would have been exposed too (like PF109 and Showtime at the Apollo).

I never new the name of it for all these years until I stumbled across it on "Watch it Now" on Netflix last year (it's not on Watch it Now anymore though).

I love those tieback boxers. Brooks still offers them but I've never been brave enough to try a pair.