30 July 2012

American Gigolo Sunglasses

I found these sunglasses in a Chicago thrift shop for $35. These frames must have been buried deep in my subconscious...under the 450 SL and the desire to learn Norwegian.

Photo: NY Times

I saw American Gigolo in the Spring of 1980 just before getting out of the Army. I left the theater and made a bee line for Coconut's Tapes and Records and picked up the Giorgio Moroder/Blondie soundtrack. And even though my Fiat X1/9 would later be called a "hair dresser's car" by friends in London -- With the top down and Blondie blaring outta my PX Jensen tri-axles -- I was Julian Kaye.

I asked a fellow I know at Paul Stuart if he saw older women buying younger men clothes. He told me he never saw it but did see a lot of older men buying younger men clothes. It's just not what I wanted to hear.

Photo: Clothes on Film blog

There was something about American Gigolo...the photography was all about sex. The sets were all about sex. That black 450SL was all about sex. And Julian was getting paid to have sex with beautiful women. When you're 22 years old... what's not to like?

Somehow these glasses dredged up Julian or Julian dredged up the glasses. Not sure which came first but I finally have a pair of Armani sunglasses. Maybe the SL comes next.

St. Augustine, FL, Summer, 1980 - Photo by DB

But in 1980, you did the best with what you had. Ciao, Tony...


Ben said...

Never seen the movie, but a few thoughts. First, the frames you found in Chicago are nicer than the ones Gere wears in the movie. I get that the vibe is the same, but Richard looks like he's wearing my mom's glasses from that era. The ones you own are better.

Second, the aviators you wear in the b/w pic are even cooler than either of the tortoise frames. In fact, the totality of accessorization in that pic approaches perfection. Aviators with a brow piece (check), Submariner (check), leather gloves (check) old sports car (check). Luckily, you obscure the fact that it's a flimsy Fiat. Did you have a publicist back then? I can't fathom it.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot DB. ME

Oyster Guy said...

DB's pic is pretty badass.

Michael Rowe said...

Call me/on the line.

AW said...

The Fiat X1/9 is a great little car. Really precise handling, good roadholding, slightly underpowered but very rev-happy. Very pretty. (Shame about the American bumpers.) Everything a sports car should be.

The folks in London who called it a hairdresser’s car – well, they probably drove 1600 Ford Capris, which didn’t have the handling, roadholding, or the rev-happy nature. And they were still underpowered, and still rusted.

Dallas said...

those shades are neat, nice find.

as for your taste in cars (Fiat, TT) different strokes, different folks. I'd steer you to a XKR convertible.

Alice Olive said...

It's all about DB's pic. I hope you know where the negative resides.

Never saw the movie - Richard Gere always had too much hair for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ME, Oyster Guy, and Alice Olive. I still think the subject is badass in that shot.


Anonymous said...

Bought a similar pair of RLPL shades for $60 @ TJMaxx, Florence, SC, in Feb. 2012. Checked the website: $350.


Felix said...

Well, actually he's trying to learn swedish, not norwegian!