17 May 2012

New York Photo Festival '12

Close Up of Photographer Christian Witkin's, "Bill" West 13th St, 1992

Gallery at The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn

Press Preview

Running from today until May 20th in Brooklyn, the New York Photo Festival offers up a diverse sea of images and thoughts -- All the more special considering anyone with enough dough for a Canon 5D can easily duplicate the work of Pete Turner, Bruce Davidson or W. Eugene Smith. What can't be easily created is emotion and connection that stops a viewer in his tracks. Click here for details.

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Anonymous said...

Photography - like anything worth putting your heart and soul into - took years for me to know what I don't know. Which is why, after decades of doing it, I'm still trying.

But I can at least say this: advances in digital equipment haven't had any impact on how I go about looking for and shooting images, not one iota.