26 May 2012

Miller's Guide to Pornography

Martin Miller started Miller's Price Guides with his ex-wife, Judith. He told me a hysterical story of placing the prices under each photo by hand. I still have this Collector Car Guide. Don Draper called the XKE, "pornographic." I was always fond of the 2+2 fixed head coupe in English biscuit white. Better looking and far more endowed than the convertible. The automatic 2+2 is a steal and the transmission is easily converted to a five speed standard.


Brummagem Joe said...

The XK 150 ragtop in midnight blue....drool territory.

JMGIII said...

The way the "trunk" opens on the E-Type is rather cool its own bad self.

Care must be taken, however, with what year one purchases said Jag. Lessons learned the hard way, etc.

That all said, I'm more of an Alfa sort. (Italian cars and English apparel strikes me as better than the other way around.)

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Miller, but what IS the hysterical story about placing the prices below the photos by hand?

Anyway, years ago I came across a Road and Track magazine one-word description of the Jaguar XKE: "priapic."


Main Line Sportsman said...

Racing green with the camel interior,!!

Bebe said...

The only man I knew who looked fantastic wearing a driving cap while driving was Henry Manney, who called the XKE "the greatest crumpet-catcher known to man".

Rich Fader said...

There actually should be a price guide to pornography. "For this price, we can put you into Jenna Jameson..."

Anonymous said...

E-Type, not "XKE", please