08 June 2008

The Offical Filthy Rich Handbook

A good example of "Wally Mail" came today...although no interview with the author. Instead, a Press Kit came with the book. And what a book it is. Just flipping through the Preppy Handbook - like chapters is a kick. Sub-titled, "How The Other 0001% Lives" Christopher Tennant points out that money is not the solution to all of our problems and quotes Dorothy Parker, "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."

I do have issue with the WASP chart seen above. Pretty pedestrian kit is cited. If I had this kind of money? I'd start with: J Press boxers would be Charvet made from their shirting fabric. Smather's & Branson needlepoint belt should be one your wife made for you while vacationing in Lucca for three months. Stubbs & Wootton needlepoint slippers? They're known in the trade as being overpriced for what they are. I learned something working with the high-net-worth; They ain't cheap but they expect a good value. I suspect Edward Green or George Cleverley would be the appropriate vendor for a slipper. And they're a short walk from Claridges. A good thing.

I had a client with an amazing wine cellar. 8,000 bottles of which it was my job to insure. While we shuffled through the dark cave and he pointed out an 1855 Madeira and 30 bottles of Screaming Eagle, I asked him what was drinking well. He told me he didn't drink. Never had. "Your wife?" I asked. ""Good lord, no." He said. "We're Jewish. Never picked up a taste for it." I thought it might make sense to remind him his insurance broker was a goy who drank anything put in front of him. But I thought better of it and followed him up the stairs taking a loving glance back at show and tell.

All in all, the book looks to be a hoot. And something you can get through in a night or a couple of days if you prefer to read in the smallest room in the house. You'll have to finish this fast for lingering on the untra wealthy gets old very fast.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Good Lord, I know people just like the guy pictured in 'The Raider'. Interesting book. Would love to trade notes with you some day about working with HNWs. Excellent post.

Tony Ventresca said...

Wow, another bizarre book in the tradition of the Official Preppy Handbook. You're right about Stubbs; but then Ed Green and Cleverly slippers are overpriced too.

Anonymous said...

Books like these are written by idiots and meant to be read by bigger idiots.

tintin said...

lbt- An interesting period working with the HNW and to some degree still do. It would be too easy to say they are ungrateful and entitled based on my experience. But they are. I try to avoid them.

Tony- Green and Cleverley are overpriced but they're so much better made than Stubbs.

Anon- There's some pretty funny stuff here. Especially if you've ever worked with these assholes. I readily admit to enjoying The Sloan Ranger Handbook as well.

Mom on the Run said...

I think that looks hilarious. I cannot wait to read it.

May I borrow the "into the WASP's nest" list?

tintin said...

Sure. It don't cost nuthin.

Anonymous said...

Titin - great post. FYI:
"goyim" = plural.

tintin said...

Nothing worse than a gentile using Yiddish. Thanks, Anon. I've corrected. I gotta figure out how to do a strikethrough.