12 August 2013

The Photo Shoot

Topcon Super RE with TMax 400


Anonymous said...

Really liking that inspiring kind of Man Ray-ish belt photo and styling, Tintin.

How it's done, kids: film camera, meter, lights, light stands, umbrellas, tripod, seamless paper, film, developer, canister, reel, timer, rinse, drip dry, enlarger, timer, soundtrack from A Man And A Woman, paper, bath, timer, stop bath, fix, timer, rinse, timer, tone if desired, timer, rinse again, timer, drip dry.

Now you may scan to digital.


Drew said...

You make me want to bust out the old K1000 and pretend to be a starving journalist at a weekly newspaper again.

Alice Olive said...

Love these.

Broderick | Sartorial Exposure said...

Beautiful shots