20 July 2013

It's in the Music...

One Summer night in 1990, I was offered Ecstasy at the Roof Gardens in London. I turned it down insisting Becks took care of me just fine. I watch this video with more than a little regret.


Anonymous said...

What, dance-challenged pasty white English people? You chose wisely. No regrets. Makes me want to have a Becks right now, in fact.

For long ago longings, worth re-watching: Whit Stillman's "Barcelona".


Scale Worm said...

No regrets.
My philosophy on drugs is that I have no idea what someone says is what something is, IS just that.
Beers work Just fine in a moment like that, and I have killed off many many beers.
Knowing what I do know regarding chemistry and liars: No Regrets.

I as well very much like the Pet Shop Boys (tag).

Smitty said...

Depends on who's offering and risk reward.

Some dude......No thanks
Ford model........Oh behave baby, yea!

The Viceroy said...

1990. Roof Gardens, Kensington. Pet Shop Boys. Now you got me reminiscing... the very good old days indeed.


Clee boy said...

Hey DB - don't be a glib and gobby racist bugger, ther's an ivy website already devoted to that kind of bollocks.

From a white yet tanned very healthy Englishman.

Just saying

Julia said...

But you did get her phone number, right?

Anonymous said...

You frickin' idiot...that's when ecstasy was worth taking! Christ!

Broderick said...

Love the PSB tune