05 April 2013

Finland's Keikari

Interview is here. Last time I had anything to do with Finland was with a Valmet in 1980. 


Smitty said...

Good content Tintin. Direct and to the point. You have accumulated some great relationships over the years and that is, to me, what the journey is all about. That's what counts. Take it from me (slightly older than you) that is "all" that counts as we get on with age. Have a great weekend and break out the Madras and crocs without socks!

KSB said...


Love how you snuck the Fox needlepoint sweater into the photo. Really nice interview.

KSB said...


Just noticed that your interview on Keikari was preceded by one with Francis Bown. I bet a conversation between you and Bown would be fascinating, especially if lubricated by a few bottles of wine.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed the interview and have this minor correction to make: "despite how fat you get over the years your shoes will still fit." This sadly, is not true. Some gent of limited means is walking around Philadelphia in some A&E's and a pair of Alden tassel loafers that their corpulent owner "outgrew" and gave to the Salvation Army.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Referencing the Men's Shop was also a nice touch.


tintin said...

Smitty- My old man told me that life was like a roll of toilet paper -- The closer you get to the end of the roll the faster it goes. It seems friends are the only thing that slows it down.

KSB- That fox sweater is getting a lotta attention in NYC.

Anon- You're right and I'm right. It's not so much how much weight you gain but how much you're on your feet. I bought BB Cordovan wingtips in 1985 and they still fit 33 pounds later. That's probably because my job has me sitting behind a desk for most of those years. But ask anyone who works in retail about their feet and they'll agree with you 100%.

DB- Do you remember her? There was also a kid who was a tailor at Kixies and who was in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Anonymous said...

Only "33 pounds later"? Tin-Tin , what kind of commitment is that? Sloth,stress, steak, and scotch helped me add multiples of that paltry number. Step up your game, man, step it up!

lost in the "For the Obese & Gangly Gentleman" department, somewhere in Philadelphia

M.Lane said...

Classic interview, I really enjoyed it.

I also love the "step up your game" comment!!


Anonymous said...

Lilly pulitzer, RIP.