08 April 2013



Smitty said...


Richard M said...

I have one; bought in Middleburg, VA.

Anonymous said...

While the rest of us at
UVa protested the Vietnam War,
Clay channeled Gerald Murphy
in the south of France. All us
girls and boys were all in love
with him, including the black student athletes who quizzed him about his clothes.
(ie. Red bandana tied do-rag style with squash whites.)
Wishing Clay danger, purity, and success. AAF

tintin said...

Smitty- If Rover made a covert it would be a Rovert.

Richard M - Does it have a game pocket? I didn't get a game pocket with mine and I'm still upset 10 yrs later.

Anon/AAF- Thank you for the comment. Great insight into Clay and words worthy of a coat of arms: "Danger Purity Success"