26 November 2011

Holiday Hooch: The Redline

One quart of strawberries...

Roasted on smoking hot cast iron.

Remember to turn off the fire alarm.

Puree in blender

Slowly pour over - I'm not a dollop kinda guy.

Lack of agave syrup & substitution of Prosecco - Not a good idea.

Works wonders with beer

Clean and crisp for the

-- perfect nightcap.

"Innovation that happens from the bottom up tends to be chaotic
but smart. Innovation that happens from the top down
tends to be orderly but dumb."
Curtis Carlson, CEO SRI International

The Redline cocktail was swiped from the Williams-Sonoma blog. Corporate to be sure, the blog features professional and amateur writers contributing useful content that's far from self serving and "free shipping."

The Redline itself seemed a good idea and I gave it a shot Thanksgiving night. A roasted strawberry puree added to a Spanish Cava with a suggestion of agave syrup. I didn't have any agave syrup. Instead, I substituted Prosecco thinking an Italian sparkler would make up for the sweetness I was losing from the missing agave.

Not so much. A tad bitter and boring. What the roasted puree did work well with was beer. Use something simple and clean like Budweiser or Becks. I poured the beer slowly over three fingers of puree in a pilsner glass. It works. A perfect end to Thanksgiving -- Especially since it was 60 degrees outside.


Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Sounds like the beer version would taste like a Fruli or strawberry lambic. Not terrible, although I prefer Kriek.

tintin said...

Sir Flutter- Agreed. I like this stuff:

Dallas said...

beer and orange juice works well too.