17 February 2013

Boss Tweeds

B&W houndstooth with red over-plaid

Black & red shepherd check

Now these are Black & Red jackets every UGA football fan should have in his closet.  Finding black and red apparel in natural fiber is no easy task.  I remember Florida - Georgia games in the '80s being awash in flammable black and red polyester contrasted against Hog Town's bright blue and orange cotton.  

Fashion Week in NYC was and remains Tartan-ed up like a Robbie Burn's dinner in Glasgow.  Tartan's "fookin'" everywhere. I'm backed up on Fashion Week pieces so you'll see lots more plaid on this blog in the coming week.  Designers tend take the classic goods, raise them to idolatry levels, then regicide the royal cloth about the time it lands in Ft Wayne. 

I think tweed will replace tartan but not your typical somber Harris.  Color is too damned important. If nothing else has been proven in the last five years of menswear hoo-ha it is this; dudes like color.  What we used to call 'loud.' But these are sport coats and are not to be worn in an office unless you sell radio advertising in Cincinnati.  These jackets go with dark grey or black flannel trousers and will speak Shakespeare folios of your unmitigated taste. Just make sure the pattern matching is up to snuff and you stay out of Alachua County.


Kcaj said...

Hey Big Guy, nice Herb Tarlek reference. Go Dawgs!

tintin said...

Kcaj- I didn't think anyone would catch that much less the first comment. You, like me, must be old as dirt.

Georgia Coal said...

The Trad mentions UGA football......year made!!!!

Andrew Touchstone said...

Randall T. Neidermeyer, Omega House,Faber College...Class of '58...Doug's older brother.

Grendel said...

I'm younger than you (38) and I got the Herb Tarlek reference... I loved WKRP as a kid, and I swear, God as my witness, that I thought turkeys could fly.

Grendel said...

Also, go dawgs... I'm hoping you were rooting for the gentlemen from Georgia and not the Florida barbarians.

tintin said...

Georgia Coal- Mine as well.

Andy- Randall was with A.I.D. in Vietnam and got mixed up with a black market import business. Something to do with selling bulgar wheat to the North Vietnamese for surplus Hanoi sandals that were sold in college headshops in the late '60s. All very sordid I'm told. A cursed family I reckon.

Grendel- I hung out with the UGA band at St George's Tavern and eventually Ponte Vedra Beach until 3AM. I was hugely impressed with their party skills and more so when I saw them the next day playing in Jax at the GA - FL game ... as if nothing had happened the night before.

Anonymous Dawg said...

Those are beautiful. I've considered this guy:


But, (1) it's not quite obnoxious enough for game day and (2) I never make it back to Athens for football games anyway.

Oh, and:

Sic 'em! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!