11 February 2009

Suits you, sir.

London has always shamed the States in many ways. Here's a guy passing the Laura Ashley store some years ago. Cutest sales girls in that store. By the way, this was taken on a Saturday. Not far from here is Jermyn Street. A favorite street of mine. Some of London's best shopping for men is found on this street. The salesmen call you, "Sir" a lot. And they do it a unique tone. Not unlike this clip from "The Fast Show."

If you need a laugh - - I strongly urge you to watch this clip...sir.


M.Lane said...

This is GREAT. And I agree re L.A. shops. Even here. I used to visit them when the Irish Redhead liked that line and the young ladies were always superb.


Belle de Ville said...


Sartre said...


Foster Huntington said...

I just quoted you in a post, http://restlesstransplant.blogspot.com/2009/02/danner-mountain-light-ii.html

tintin said...

Yes, this clip is a favorite of mine. The Fast Show was something else. Long gone but thank goodness we have Reality TV to replace it.

Foster- Thanks, man. Your pics are beautiful. How do you do it?

Laguna Beach Trad said...

You like the Fast Show? Good to know someone else around here has heard of it!