04 February 2009

Black Watch

The Gulf Foxtrot (girlfriend) took me to see Black Watch last Fall. It's been four months and I still can't get this play outta my head. As a soldier it connected to me in ways the Gulf Foxtrot couldn't understand. The letter reading scene hit me from nowhere and I couldn't believe how close it was...how close it still is. Here's the opening scene and monologue. With what I wore today.

Voice Over
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the unique setting of the Edinburgh Drill Hall. It's almost time for the thrilling moment when the gates swing open. The unforgettable first sight and sound of the massed pipes and drums.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Black Watch.

A'right. Welcome to this story of the Black Watch.
At first, I didnay want to day this.
I didnay want tay have to explain myself tay people ay.
See, I think people's minds are usually made up about you if you were in the army.

They are though ay?
They poor fucking boys. They cannay day anything else.
They cannay get a job. They get exploited by the army.

Well, I want you to fucking know. I wanted to be in the army.

I could have done other stuff. I'm not a fucking knuckle-dragger.


Ben said...

Black watch is my favorite of plaids, and as I often tell my wife and son, plaid is my favorite color.

... so I was a bit disappointed to learn this post was not about my favoritest of favorites. But it still makes me wish my town had an arts scene so I could see this. The Travelling Lion King seems so ... insubstantial (although we do have "Bodies the Exhibit").

M.Lane said...

I heard that Black Watch was great and now I can see why. Great jacket btw.

Did you see Journey's End? I heard that it was fabulous also but [of course] I never got to see either one.


Blushing hostess said...

Shamelessly digging the tie. Not sure on the play - maybe you have to do the time... Be well, The Hostess

Anonymous said...





Sir Fopling Flutter said...

I saw the play in London last year. Amazing - one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen.

You know that it's based on real life interviews with soldiers from the Black Watch?