14 November 2008

Take Ivy Reprint $1,424.99 on Ebay

Go figure. The book, Take Ivy takes almost $1,500 outta some mojo's pocket on EBay. See it here and close your mouth.

It's nice to know there's still some money out there. It's even nicer to know there's some stupid money out there. What Steve Martin called, "Fur Sink" money. I'll admit my interest was peaked when I saw the book. I emailed a question to the seller about the publish date and he responded it was a reprint. I considered offering him $200 to save himself some time. I guess I'm the moron.

This silly ass book has generated more attention on blogs and forums than is sane. I can only guess it does so with images that many find hard to put into words. My favorite picture has always been the kid standing on the corner of Nassau Street. Almost an icon of a style and time I wish for but know is impossible to have. So, someone paid a healthy sum so they can read it while they're going to the bathroom. Actually, a book dealer bought it. I would imagine he'll try and double what he paid for it. Look for it. I imagine a few will be showing up very soon.


M.Lane said...

Amazing. There seems to be quite the cult of the Ivy in Japan. What I can't figure out is why?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I read The Trad in the bathroom. Thank god for wireless internet!


Giuseppe said...


You'd think for 1500 clams the guy could at least have rotated the first picture right side up.

Seriously, though, I know its a nice book, but I can find pretty much every picture in it somewher on the internet.


Anonymous said...

The reason for the Cult of Ivy in Japan is more than obvious:

They can equal and surpass the West technologically, but, pardon the expression, they can't become WASPS.

Ivy is their way of trying to make up for this.

tintin said...

m. lane- It's odd thing isn't it. In the same manner many American Indian tribes were obsessed with the US flag using it in art and ceremony.

ACL- As long as it's in front of you and not behind you.

Giussepe- The seller is probably in a good mood. I may make a dollar offer on those Randolph frames.

Charles said...

There seems to be endless nostalgia for the days when Ivy schools were WASP institutions. I find that very disturbing. The kids today may look like shit, but I'm sure they are much smarter and, hopefully, will someday have more to offer than credit default swaps, etc.

Anonymous said...

It's time for a Goody's franchise in Tokyo!
...there is no charge for this million dollar idea!

Anonymous said...

Thazza chemise sur mesure anda wife beater @ AK's. Le Bouffe

Milton Un said...

Thanks for posting these images! Each one is probably worth $96.00.

Elliott Banfield said...

I would like to know what Trad readers think of this video (it's an ad by Princeton for its new campus):


Agness said...

I just put a copy up on eBay. The text of this book is equally amazing, so I've translated the table of contents, the foreword, samplings from a couple of sections. It really is a record of a vanished time (on both sides of the Pacific), IMO. I'd really like whoever buys the book to at least have a feel for the written content, so I'm including a professional translation for any 3 paragraphs.


And @1st Anonymous, I have to disagree with you. It's because the Ivy look is unusually flattering on a wide range of body types and ethnicities.

tintin said...

Agness-I wish you the best in the auction. And what a great idea to offer translation as well. What you included in the bid really peaks my curiosity.