20 October 2008

The Turtleneck and Alexander Mundy

I must have been doing my Alexander Mundy impersonation the day this was taken. Despite great effort I never could get my hair to part to the right.

3rd Season opening to "It Takes a Thief." Cool didn't get any cooler.

"Let me get this straight...you want me to steal?" Oh, man...how I wanted to be Alexander Mundy when I was a kid.

I usually kicked off my Robert Wagner impersonation with, "Noah...let me get this straight" to establish with my audience - - usually at the lunch table - - just where this line was coming from. The key was Noah 'cause every kid I knew watched the show and it was darned difficult to cram "Alexander Mundy" into the lead. We're talking six syllables compared to just two. More importantly than the "No-ah" utterance was the turtleneck. It really helped pull off the Al Mundy impersonation. My preference was black. A shoulder holster would've helped enormously but those were difficult to secure even then.

Turtlenecks are still an important part of Autumnal Trad wear. And I've had many that refused to die. I may even have the one I'm wearing in the picture. Maybe it's because they're seasonal and get a rest...I don't really know but they can go on forever. Cotton is great. Merino is cool. But you really graduate when you buy cashmere. Two ply or three will keep the turtleneck from turning into a cowlneck. I can't wear my black cashmere turtleneck without a desire to spin a combination dial and steal my girlfriend's jewelry. I like to wear it with black wool trousers, black tassel loafers and tucked in with a simple black calf strap with sterling monogrammed buckle. Very slimming as well.

Despite all of the years trying - - I never got beyond, "Let me get this straight...you want me to steal?" But after many decades of trying I finally got my hair to part to the right.


Richard M said...

And, of course, Astaire played his father.

tintin said...

And he was the better dressed as well. Al wore some wacky stuff that didn't quite hold up to the passage of time.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward about 15 years or so from the time of this darling photo..."Al Mundy" showed up at the college lunch table and recited this famous question. I know one young co-ed that was very willing to give up the combination to the safe!
--Real name withheld to protect the innocent--

Anonymous said...

Bravo, baby! You're beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't have said it better! -DB

Sartre said...

In college I had a fencing instructor with long hair and foreign accent who always wore a black turtleneck. The seducer's trifecta. Still hate the guy.

Anonymous said...

Boy, is that haircut not a blast from the past.

A boy's side part turned Beatle bangs.

Anonymous said...


David V said...

Mundy was cool but my affair with the T-neck was inspired by Illya Kuryakin a few years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Theme intro still rocks