31 October 2014

Halloween - 1966

I'm Batman

After the haul in Chapel Hill.  The old man was in Vietnam and I'm guessing his six months was up with the A Team in the Central Highlands.  That means a lot of heat was off while he cooled his heels with a C Team in Nha Trang.  This Polaroid was mailed to him by my mother.  I look at this picture and wonder what it was like for him to see something like this.  


LPC said...

Of course you are Batman. And going a different direction from everyone else.

M.Lane said...

If the timing was as you suggest, it was probably the greatest thing he ever got.


Scotchy said...

I like the kid on the right exercising gun safety with his toy pistol.

Anonymous said...

That is just too fantastic. Love Scotchy's comment.

I'm guessing the your pop thought two things: I know my family is safe and happy; and, what kind of parallel universe am I really in?


Ben said...

I agree with Lane, Esq.