23 April 2014

Is Fashion Art?

Designed to appeal to as many as possible -- Vineyard Vines,  J Crew,  Ralph & Tommy -- All reflect fashion at its most mundane.  Which is why some styles of the past are so interesting.  In a way, we're endorsing past generation's aesthetic and taste... sometimes over hundreds of years.  That's not so much what fashion does as it is what art does.


brohammas said...

Of course it is art. But of course, some art is worthless, and a lot of "worth" is determined by opinion.

Like music, the styles, or art, that endure are those that posses something appealing beyond a certain time, era, or fad.

People thought Picasso and cubism was a fad, but he did it well enough that all these years later, even if it isn't your taste, it is still good.

I hear a nice pair of shoes works the same way.

Smitty said...

I think the one guy in the GTH pants would claim it's art.

Mason said...

Some fashion is certainly art, and some is definitely not. I think there's plenty of room for differentiation on the spectrum. A classically styled jacket from (ex.) Anderson & Sheppard will speak much more of "aesthetic and taste" than any of the fast fashion brands glutting the scene today, I think. Though as brohammas notes, it's all opinion. This might end up as a high art v. low art question.

David said...

Not sure. But 'art' is often merely fashion. Banksy anyone?