08 January 2014

Wrong Pitti - Right Sbagliato

The Tweets & Instagrams coming in from Pitti this year are like a 155 artillery barrage. And while this year's street fashion is consistent with years past, I'm seeing a lot more images of folks eating and drinking. Which is what I'd be doing 24/7 at Pitti.

For those of us stuck in this 'Witches Tit in a Brass Bra'  deep freeze, click on the You Tube video below and watch the charming and erudite, Maurizio Stocchetto from the Bar Basso in Milan show you how to make a perfect but wrong, Negroni Sbagliato   That is, a Negroni but with Prosecco instead of gin -- The smart cocktail for anyone sitting at a bar 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Tintin, I saw this in the Times over break and now that it is Trad Approved will have to give it a try. My recent go-to cocktail has been an Americano,so easy to stretch and you can put your guests at ease by drinking without having to, well get lit. Dunno 'bout you, I cannot deal with hangovers anymore. No matter how much I try to sweat them out at the gym, they crush my day. When asked about how his newly sober life was, the late Ray Nitschke was quoted as saying "Quiet. Really quiet". Douglas

tintin said...

Douglas- Five yrs ago I had a physical. Doc was Jewish and from New York. He asked me how much I drank. I told him. "You get hangovers?" he asked. "Almost never." I replied. "You're one of the lucky ones." he said. He went on to tell me that as men get older their hangovers get worse and a lotta men quit drinking because of it. I asked if I should quit for health reasons. He told me my tests were fine and I was in great health and then he looked at me and shrugged. I should have offered him a blow job.

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog. Had a mystery ailment about the same time back. Dr reported, well your liver profile is fine. I said say it again, only slowly. And pleasured myself as he repeated himself. Had I been smarter I would have asked his nurse to do the read. Douglas

Giuseppe said...

Witches tit at the bottom of a lake in Salem in November. That's how we say it in Mass.

Who's your doctor? I'll travel to New York once a year to see him. Mine says wine with supper every night is too much. I tell him my family is European, to which he shrugs.