22 October 2013


There was an interesting piece in the NY Times Sunday about Selfies. Back in college, the NYT could do no wrong. In my 30s, I began to have trouble...mostly with restaurant reviews. Today, I'm pretty sure most reporters have come from a nine month stint on the Today Show. Anyway, I think the Time's piece on Selfies missed a lot.

And while this yearbook photo from my senior year in college isn't a Selfie, it's largely about Selfies. Sure, it's vain and when I look at it, I see the lips that vanished in my 40s. I also see a shit eating grin together with a confidence that knew, for a fact, that it wouldn't be long before I was working on the Today Show.

I also see the suede jacket I bought at the Ft Bragg PX in 1980. I would ask a Georgetown bartender for a large plastic garbage bag, cut out a hole for my head and wear it while running to my car in a late night rain storm. It worked.

The Campbell tartan Gant shirt with too long sleeves (my sleeves were always too long) and a navy blue knit tie probably came from a haberdasher on St. George Street. Either the crazy lady who missed her lips with her lipstick or the tailor in the Marine Reserves I shot the shit with while we both smoked and drank coffee -- He sewed and I told lies about the 82nd.

What you can't see, but I do remember, are the jeans and topsiders off camera. All in all, it was a pretty hip rig. I'm very proud of it. Who knows what folks will remember 20 years later from their Selfies. I like to think, if for nothing else, it'll conjure up a memory of bits and pieces forgotten...even themselves.


M.Lane said...

Super post. The old pics of ourselves are the most revealing shots of all.


Main Line Sportsman said...

In general, selfies are mostly about nostrils.