15 January 2013

Chicago Shout by Loleatta Holloway

Start @ 00.25 secs.

"I was half in mind - I was half in need,
And as the rain came down - I dropped to my knees and prayed.
I said "Oh Heavenly one - please cleanse my soul,
I've seen all on offer and I'm not impressed at all..."
The Style Council 

They met at a job interview.
She questioned him.
He filled out the application.
They were married in two years
And moved to her home, Chicago.

It's all about finding happiness. Shit happens. Crappy days happen. You get divorced.  Nothing goes right -- But you never forget how Chicago can shout. . 


Ben said...

One of my minor failings is to not have spent more time in Chicago when I was but ninety minutes away in South Bend.


One of my greatest failings is to not have seen my marriage falling apart and do something about it more quickly.

Smitty said...

What a town! Got pulled over going to work and the cop asked for my license and what I did for a living. I asked him what he needed to hear to let me walk! Alderman? Mayors office? Four years in the city, what a great run! Salt of the earth.

Anonymous said...

how did i, a class of 86 style council nerd not know about this? Dolan, you're a genius...

Anonymous said...

British song, maybe. But the delivery: 100% American.


tintin said...

I miss Chicago. Odd, I was always looking to leave. This song reflects the city I saw going through a divorce. I'll never forget it. Beautiful and full of what I thought good was -- even in bad times.

tintin said...

I'm also fond of Loleatta's manicure.

John P. Noble, Jr. (Chip) said...

The Modfather-Paul Weller. End of.

tintin said...

John- Get off your fourth point of contact and start posting on your blog again. Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Gene & Georgetti? Remember the 151? The EL to to the Spring Opener? Saki? Getting warm, Tinseth?