15 August 2008


30th Street Station in Philadelphia. One of my favorite train stations in one of my least favorite towns. And like a lot of things I love - - I'm not sure why. Filled with fast food franchises it's beginning to look like a mall but it still has a charm about it despite a horrible taxi stand.


Anonymous said...

Train is by far the most civilized form of travel. Pity the infrastructure in this country is so lacking.


richard m said...

But then you can catch the Paoli Local to the Main Line-after a hit at squash and a glass of ale at the Racquet Club.:)

FlaMill said...

Have you ever been through Union Station in Kansas City? It is fabulous. Three great restaurants and you feel like you have been cast in a really good movie.

I love the blog! Keep up the great work.

From Florida,

tintin said...

Seth, Ain't that the truth but Choos Choos are gonna be the next big thing. Everywhere.

richard m, I would start at the Union Lg Club bar, move over to the Samson Street Oyster Bar and finish up at the Happy Rooster before grabbing the Metro to NYC.

flamill- Never there in person but thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for you compliments. And any place that makes you feel like you've been cast in a movie can't be bad at all. Unless it's a TV movie... On network television... In LA...During the Summer...

Becs said...

Hello Tin Tin, Thanks for being a good sport and playing along! I enjoyed your words, and thanks for keeping it PG ~ Dude, that was Awesome! Whataevha, Becs

Anonymous said...

You'll have to elaborate on your evidently tortured relationship with Philly at some point. Enjoy your blog greatly and am using this opportunity to catch up on several recent things...

I am from the Phila suburbs, though thankfully not a Main Line Tool. Spent college and med school through the 80s there as well and am now in an exburb of the town.

I remember a friend's Penn GF prattling on about the (clench jaw here) English Speaking Union. (She was the only nursing student I knew who spoke like that.) I rowed crew in college...Vesper BC is probably an accurate location.

The MB wagon was the official car of Gladwyne if I recall.

It's somehow cool that it's not at all incongruous in my mind to be still talking about The Clash and Talking Heads in a Trad blog.

tintin said...

Many thanks for the comment. It's great when people can take the time. I fell in love with Phila (I hate calling it Philly) first time there in 85-87. Loved It!

Went back 2001 - 2002. Man, what happened? Or, was it me and did Chicago spoil me? I dunno. But Phila with it's deserted center city, vacant buildings with trees growing in them (downtown!), a town so bad style wise, I once mentioned to the ex wife that even the gay men dressed poorly. But Freeman's Auction House was a favorite (and made many friends with those who work there), as was the unfiltered olive oil at Claudio's, the IPA and burger at Nodding Head and the Lobster roll at the Union League...

Still, the city has to do something. It has such great potential but living downtown (I was on Washington Square) was a mistake. Maybe Narbeth next time or my old stomping grounds, Yellow Springs Rd just west of Valley Forge.

Anonymous said...

Fleming couldn't eat oysters everywhere. Choo Choo Cha Boogie, Buffy.

M.Lane said...

Union Station is the 2d largest train station in America!

Thanks for inspiring me to start my own blog....if you have a minute check it out at mlanesepic.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the GREAT posts!


egadfly said...

Well, the League and the Happy Rooster are as ever, but no more Oyster House, I'm afraid:


Anyway, next time you're stuck in the station, check out Bridgewater's pub: better-than -decent selection of brews and it beats the hell out of standing around watching the TSA guys play Keystone Kop.


Anonymous said...

Racquet Club is way more trad than Union League- the League these days is basically a businesspersons' association.

Philadelphia/Main Line is certainly of itself, and I am glad to know, Tint, that know that as well. There are few places like Bryn Mawr and Wayne and Chestnut Hill. Trad culture and trad style still rule. Pop by the Merion Cricket Club to see the form of the type. Saab wagon driven down Mill Creek Road from Gladwyne, Gucci horsebits, grosgrain-banded watch, too-short chinos, club tie, navy blazer...maybe even an MCC bucket hat. Social anthropology.

Also Tint, you ought to give the city itself a reinvestigation. The Rittenhouse and Fairmount and Northern Liberties neighborhoods downtown have lots of energy again and there's been dramatic improvement since even 2002. Check out Steven Starr's new spot - Parc - on the Square to see the Delancey Street crowd in its element.

Keep up the great work!

Ch_d R_gers said...

I live right by yellow springs. Know N. Valley?

AJD said...

I have to agree. 30th Street Station is one of the true architectural gems in the area. I almost never mind a delayed train because it gives me the opportunity to look closely at the architectural details for a while longer. Terrific blog, thank you for your insight.