19 January 2008

Trad Ranger

The scaffolding dates this... but the guy in the middle isn't dated. And isn't that the point of Trad? Simple yet loud (that madras is yelling). It is a timeless approach with these basics -- Blue Blazer, white oxford cloth button down, shotgun shell belt, Ray Ban Aviators and Madras trousers. Any of it could have been worn 20 years earlier and any of it can be worn 20 years later.

In the mid 1980's, a contributor to the Statue of Liberty Foundation offered a Manhattan cruise on his yacht to National Park Service employees assigned to the Statue of Liberty. This guy was the only Ranger who dressed properly.


Off The Cuff said...

Tintin - great shot and you are spot on; that's a fantastic outfit. And the guy's expression is equally perfect.

20 years from now it will still look fresh. Nice blog, keep at it.


tintin said...

Thanks for stopping by and I must say what a great blog you have. Such detail. Unfortunatly, I have the attention span of a ferret on a double espresso hence my short entries.