19 December 2007

Resort Trad

It would be nice to post a picture of someone dressed like this today at a resort. Don't you think? Of course, it's impossible. Flip flops, sleeveless tee shirts, fanny packs and the chewing of sugarless gum is more of what you're to see. It breaks the heart.


JJ said...

It does break the heart indeed. terrible state of affairs nowadays.

Fullers said...

I'll be in Central America later this month. I can't promise to take an ascot, but I will leave the flip flops at home.

I enjoy your page and only wish that you would post more.

tintin said...

fullers- Central America could be a little warm for an ascot but a nice mohair or linen lounge suit will have the locals jaws dropping. I spent a month in Panama many years ago and while I wasn't in the best of social circles (I was in the Army), I remember there were some sartorial victories I saw among the locals.

I do hope to post more often and thank you for your comments.

Alice Olive said...

It would indeed be a lovely thing. Infact, it would be very cute.

Anonymous said...

There are still resorts where that would not look at all out of place. Check out Bingo night at the Cloister in Sea Island, GA.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Thanks for fighting the good fight.Please keep it up! Regarding anonymous' last quote, we just got back from the Cloister in Sea Island. We had the privilege of watching the younger kids come in for bingo night. They looked fantastic! Beautiful blazers, colourful dresses, great hair and great tans. They did not seem at all uncomfortable with their clothes (as though someone forced them into them), and were laughing and having a great time.

mbnelson said...

Although things are a bit too casual for my taste these days, this resort outfit sent chills up my spine. It reminded me of the days of minority exclusion, women who were not permitted to serve on juries and an entire laundry list of things that were anything but "the good old gentile days". Being well dressed does not make you pretentious but it can definitely lead you down that path.

tintin said...

MB, I agree with you 100% but check this out:


We're coming from the same place but then we almost always did.

mbnelson said...

Moral of the story:
Pump your own gas, my well dressed darling!
Seriously, I appreciated your story and the beautiful perspective you had on the "Hispanic's" point of view. As you put it, you both are "ics".
My favorite part of the story
"Happy Fucking Three Kings Day" How cultural sensitive of you to insult correctly :)
I could never have given you the silent treatment for two hours because:
1. I would have been charming the gas attendant.
2. I would have been laughing hysterically at your silly but adorable behavior.
Thanks for sharing.
So, you are saying that the clothes do not have to corrupt the man, right?

tintin said...

"So, you are saying that the clothes do not have to corrupt the man, right?" Only if he allows it.