27 September 2007

Ersatz Patch

Made in India and only ten bucks a patch. How about twenty of these spread over the front of a blazer?


Anonymous said...

May I ask where you found these for only ten dollars? Is there a store or a website where I can purchase these? I am most interested in these patches as unfortunately I've not been able to find any, of if I have, they've been terribly expensive. I grew up in prep schools and attending school in the Northeast under the 'New Ivy League', and I feel as if I should have lived in the late 19th century when stuff like this was common - sort of like you yearning for the 50s/60s, I somehow have an affinity/connection to that time. Anywho, if you could PLEASE tell us where to purchase them, I would very much appreciate it; I have my old uniform blazers which I'd like to adorn and hand down to my sons.

tintin said...

M&J in NYC- You can see them here: