15 August 2014

The Beretta Gallery of New York City

Beretta employee, Moses Gutierrez with a 20 gauge Silver Pigeon 1 ( $2,240) 

I first bumped into the NYC Beretta Gallery about five years ago.  Town-housed among Manhattan's retail townhouses;  Hermès,  Etro,  Longchamp, Chanel, and so many others…I was actually just looking for a pair of khakis.  I pushed open the Beretta door, walked past security and was slapped in the face with racks and racks of obscenely beautiful apparel.

Wool and Waxed Cotton jacket in the Maremmana style ($1,295)

It was a London flashback, what with tweed, moleskin, chukka and waxed cotton.  Gravitas on the order of Jermyn Street,  Cuban cigars and 25 year old single malts drunk from engraved pheasant whiskey tumblers.

Moleskin suit with side vents (Jacket $535 Trousers $165)

Luckily I stumbled onto a sale -- Even better as I had a little money back then.  There was a lot I should've bought that day but didn't and learned a lesson.  Much of what you see in the NYC Gallery is unique to the store.  Once it's gone, you may never see it again.  Of course,  I was here for a pair of khakis.  

Second Floor

Looking back, it seems a shame  shopping for khakis in Beretta --  Sort of like visiting Umbria on the wagon.

Competition Shooting

It's hard to describe just how diverse the gallery is.  Roaming around on my last visit, I heard a man walk in and announce, "I've been invited to a shoot in Spain."  I looked down from the second floor balcony and watched as the salesman sprung into action while those words, "I've been invited to a shoot…" bounced jealously between my ears.

Main Floor

While outdoor retailer's, Kevin's and Cabela's offer over the top decor, Beretta manages to pull off the outdoors aesthetic with understated elegance.  Chalk it up to to Beretta's hometown of Brescia 'cause this ain't meatballs and gravy.

In store Italian made checks ($155)

Much of what is in the NYC Gallery is not on line and much of what is on line is not in the NYC Gallery.  Still, a past visit to the Beretta website found an olive moleskin maremmana hunting jacket, sadly long gone,  for a surprising  $99.

In store Suede chukka ($423)

A women's wool felt cap made by Pennsylvania's Bollman Hat Company is currently on sale for $37.50 marked down from $75...

Beretta Sole
And a men's quilted waxed cotton biker jacket has been reduced from $595 to $279.

Khakis ($75)

But I was looking for khakis.

And at $75, they're made in the US and something of a surprise.  I had mine cuffed and there was no extra charge.

That's the thing about Beretta.  You can find a $20 ball cap...

Or, there's a $140 number that looks like a Vietnam boonie hat I lusted after when I was in the Army.

Field watches are reasonable…

Field Watches (Quartz $229 Automatic $389)

Women's Quilted Shooting Jacket ($875)

Women's Scarves ($895)

Carafe Gift Set ($149)

The engraved carafe and glasses are available in store and on-line... 

Martini Pitcher $200

While the best looking cocktail pitcher I have ever seen is only in the store.  A steal and you're only seeing it because I gave up martinis.

Ice Bucket $2,200

I haven't given up ice but the elephant foot ice bucket is a good example of Beretta's price swing.

And like the 32" barrels on the $2,000 Silver Pigeon, there's value in Beretta.  It's under the radar for most NYC  residents.  Save those types who go shooting in Spain.


  1. As I said to you when we talked about this place....I entered the doors, got an erection, and nearly fainted.
    My 12 ga. 686 Silver pigeon is still one of my favorite guns.

  2. Love the quail-hunting-meets-the-street shot at the top of the page. Can't make that up.


  3. … and unlike the latest J.Q, McStuffins LTD., coming to a mega-mall near you (near you, NOT me) Beretta has pedigree and provenance that dates halfway back to the invention of gunpowder.

    I'll take the .410 in 3/4 size for my ten year old, please. And something leather for me.

  4. Shops like Beretta are good for the soul. Just to walk through and touch the incredible fabrics would be a treat for me. I understand what you say about when an item sells, it is gone. I still lament over a pair of lamps I let go at auction 20 yrs ago.


  5. I am going to make a trip there ASAP. It definitely looks romantic and filled with items that I don't need, but desperately want. Now I just wish my trap shooting would improve.

  6. How tremendous! Not at all the sort of shop I would have expected. I will certainly go there my next trip up.


    PS "I gave up martinis"??? What? Why?

    PPS How about a review of the trousers?

  7. They usually have a sample sale at Soiffer Haskin each year in the spring, for both clothes and housewares.

  8. Reminds me of the old Abercrombie and Fitch in NYC, long ago when it was an outdoor sportsman's paradise.

  9. The clothes do have occasional issues. A linen safari shirt lost buttons and the cloth failed at the collar-band. And another shirt had buttons sewed on backwards and not very well. Typical high-street in that regard. But the 486 s-x-s 12 bore is a throwback marvel. Check out Holland & Holland in NYC.

    1. WmB- Did a piece on H&H a few yrs ago. http://thetrad.blogspot.com/2011/05/gun-room-holland-holland.html?m=1 Beautiful guns and goods but on another planet financially. Have a couple Beretta shirts and khakis without problems but suspect they would make right if there was.

  10. www.therake.com magazine in a spring issue had an article about quail hunting in Georgia with Berettas by Nick Foulkes. Can't find it online but Foulkes posted another article of similar theme online. Google: Swellboy quail hunting Georgia. The Rake Magazine can be rather fey but worth checking @ Barnes & Noble or Booksamillion. Rake website continuously changing, current article on A-M Vanquish & Paul Stuart, amongst others. Regards, Ta'er, of that ilk.

  11. correction > therakeonline.com Ta'er

  12. The Village People called for Moses. They're gettin' the band back together.

  13. Just found this blog. Got drunk, and read past entires for about three hours tonight. Spent some time in the army 93-95. C Battery 2/3 ADA 1ID. Your writing really brought back a lot of memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Tim

    1. Thank you, Tim. Your kind words mean a lot. I assume you were at Ft Sill.

  14. Tintin,

    Ft. Sill for Basic, Ft. Bliss for AIT, Ft. Riley after that. Thanks for your interest. As a country kid from WI I learned a lot about people, being a man, and that knowing how to drive a deuce and a half can get you out of a lot of shitty details.


  15. Haven't been here for a long while Tin Tin, did a surf and found this story about the Beretta store which as you say is awesome. Their safari jackets are fairly reasonable and very Mogambo. This Beretta story probably sounds a bit wet but I had a couple of very nice Beretta O/U until about 14 years ago and took them down to Alabama (fairly easy pre 9/11) for a dove hunt. So we spent the day popping away and gradually I started deliberately missing. At the end of the day the bag was all laid out. There were scores of them and as I looked at the rows and we swigged beer I thought to myself WTF am I doing killing these gentle little creatures? Came home, sold the guns and that was the end of that.

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