19 December 2011

A Gift for Brohammas

Dylan Dalyn has needed a proper pair of shoes since I met him. Those vulgar Pliner square-toed wheels of his will clash with an Ivy League degree. These are a little too Italian for me but they'll suit him just fine in the city of Brotherly Love and Boyds. Marked down from $478 to $79 and available in more sizes than I thought. From Ron Rider.


  1. Will I wear them?
    I wore a Black watch tartan jacket with a velvet collar to a party this weekend.
    Unless its a madras jacket, or unless I have to keep a straight face, I'll wear anything... I would even wear them to a fight in South Philly.

    I consider this post the best backhanded complement I've ever had.

  2. ML- He's the got the right coloring for 'em. Nice khaki suit, rep tie and maybe a boater. Shoot, he could run for governor in 10 yrs.

    Bro- Are you gonna run for governor?

  3. These look unfinished. Maybe embroider a root beer bottle on the toe or something.

  4. GSV- That just might be the best comment of the year.

  5. I concur on the GSV comment....I honestly laughed out loud when I read it.

    BUT...does it trump my Twit of the Year comment?

  6. Jokes at my expense, GSV wins.
    Do I still get the prize?

  7. If he is wearin' these kicks at the fights on 1/21 in Philly...I will snap one and post it...

  8. Tintin,

    Thanks for the great tip. I finally got around to ordering a pair, and they arrived today. The leather is fantastic, and they are extremely comfortable. These were made for Paul Stuart. I just hope I'm cool enough to wear them.